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BV AH32 bulb flat steel

BV AH32 bulb flat steel
BV AH32 bulb flat steel


BV AH32 bulb flat steel is a kind of high strength hull structural, produced according to BV classification society standards. It is a hot rolled shipbuilding section steel, suit to build ship, oceanographic engineering, and so on.


General length of bulb flat steel range from 4 to 12 meter, for the detail of size information, please click here.


The chemical compositions of BV AH 32 bulb flat steel

Grade /td> Chemical Composition % /td>
C /td> Si /td> Mn /td> P /td> S /td> Cu /td> Cr /td> Ni /td> Nb /td> V /td> Ti /td> Mo /td> N /td> Als /td>
AH32 /td> ≤0.18 /td> ≤0.50 /td> 0.90-1.60 /td> ≤0.030 /td> ≤0.030 /td> ≤0.30 /td> ≤0.20 /td> ≤0.40 /td> 0.02-0.05 /td> 0.05-0.10 /td> ≤0.02 /td> ≤0.08 /td> /td> ≥0.015 /td>


The mechanical properties of BV AH32 bulb flat steel

Grade /td> Tensile Test /td> Impact Energy KV2/J /td>
Yield Strength ReH/Mpa /td> Tensile Strength Rm/Mpa /td> Elongation A/% /td> Temperature


℃ /td>

Longitudinal /td> Transverse /td>
AH32 /td> ≥315 /td> 440-570 /td> ≥22 /td> 0 /td> ≥31 /td> ≥22 /td>


Katalor Enterprises is a professional supplier of BV AH32 bulb flat steel, we have different size bulb flat steel in stock, in large quantities. Or your order quantity is very large, we can produce specially for you. If you need AH32 bulb flat steel, please leave us your order information, such as size, quantity, discharging port, contact information, our sales person will send you offer as soon as possible.

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