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What are the advantages of galvanized 05CuPCrNi angle steel in industry

05CuPCrNi angle steel has a number of steel products do not have advantage, not only can form stress components, can also be used as a connector, and to say to the galvanized 05CuPCrNi angle steel, for many enterprises are familiar with, galvanized 05CuPCrNi angle steel only have higher quality can be put into use and play a proper role, so what is the superiority of galvanized 05CuPCrNi angle steel in industry? Today katalor let us know!

1. The galvanized 05CuPCrNi angle steel itself has a thick and strict pure zinc layer covering the steel surface, which can avoid the touch of steel matrix and any corrosive filtrate to maintain the steel matrix from being corroded.

2. It has an iron-zinc alloy layer, which is combined with fine details, especially in the atmosphere of Marine salt fog and industrial atmosphere.

3. Strong wear resistance due to strong bonding and mutual dissolution of zinc and iron. And the surface is clearer.

4. Due to the excellent ductility of zinc, its alloy layer is strongly attached to the 05CuPCrNi angle steel base, so the hot plating parts can be cold-punched, rolled, drawn and twisted without damaging the coating.

5. After hot-dip galvanization of 05CuPCrNi angle steel parts, the mechanical properties of steel matrix can be changed, and the stress of forming welding of steel parts can be removed, which is conducive to the turning of 05CuPCrNi angle steel.

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