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Development of rolling technology for S355J2WP H beam steel

S355J2WP H beam steel has the advantages of economic section, superior mechanical performance, light weight, quick working, good seismic performance, energy saving and consumption reduction, and S355J2WP H beam steel has been widely used in high-rise buildings, industrial buildings, thermal power generation, mechanical manufacturing, etc. Crane machinery, petrochemical industry, ocean engineering, bridge dam, subway engineering, etc.

S355J2WP H beam steel can completely replace the I-beam and the composite components composed of workmen, grooves and angle steel, and has a broad market prospect. The above new technologies have obviously improved the economic benefit and market adaptability of S355J2WP H beam steel production, and have advanced and economic characteristics, which have great practical significance for improving the market competitiveness of S355J2WP H beam steel.

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