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Properties of S355J0WP H beam steel in Katalor

S355J0WP H beam steel, as an optimum section profile, has been widely used in various fields of engineering construction. Katalor is a professional steel supplier and exporter in China. We have a large stock in S355J0WP H beam steel. Because we have to export S355J0WP H beam steel more than 35,000 ton every month.  

Universal rolling mill with two horizontal rollers and two vertical rollers is required for rolling S355J0WP H beam steel. This kind of mill is much superior to the ordinary mill with only flat roll. In a word, the excellent performance of universal mill determines that the S355J0WP H beam steel rolled by universal mill has better performance, more specifications and lower production cost than that rolled by ordinary mill.

I-shaped section is commonly used in practical engineering and is the best section for flexural strength and compressive stability around the strong axis. The wide flange S355J0WP H beam steel has a large stiffness around the weak axis and is suitable for use as a compression member. Therefore, S355J0WP H beam steel is more useful than steel-bonded ordinary I section steel is much more extensive. Even in the case of bending moment only, the cross-section properties of S355J0WP H beam steel are obviously superior to those of ordinary I-section steel.

If you have any need in S355J0WP H beam steel, please contact us at first time. We can supply the high quality S355J0WP H beam steel for you. We also can help you to solve all the questions about S355J0WP H beam steel.

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