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The characteristics of SPA-H H beam steel

SPA-H H beam steel structure weighs light. Compared with the weight of concrete structure, the weight of concrete structure is lighter, and the weight of SPA-H H beam steel structure is reduced, which reduces the internal force of structure design, and makes the foundation of building structure with low treatment requirements, simple construction and low cost. So SPA-H H beam steel is very popular in the project.

Hot rolled SPA-H H beam steel structure is scientific and reasonable in structure, good in plasticity and flexibility, high in structural stability, suitable for building structures with large vibration and impact load, strong in resistance to natural disasters, and especially suitable for building structures with multiple seismic zones. According to statistics, the SPA-H H beam steel structures suffered the least in the world of the devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or above.

Increase the effective use area of the SPA-H H beam steel structure. Compared with the concrete structure, the SPA-H H beam steel column section area is small, which can increase the effective usable floor area of the building. According to different forms of the building, the effective usable floor area can be increased by 4-6%.

Katalor have owned the global reputation for supply the high quality SPA-H H beam steel, if we have the size in stock, we can delivery them at once. If not, it will take about 20 days for us to produce the SPA-H H beam steel for you. Please contact our sales team if you have any inquiry about the SPA-H H beam steel, we will offer you the competitive price with best price in China.

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