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How to avoid buying inferior Corten B angle steel

Corten B angle steel is a relatively important type of stainless steel products, for stainless steel Angle steel manufacturers are more, the production of products are more complex, counterfeit goods are more. If the customer does not understand the Corten B angle steel will appear many problems, will be cheated by the merchant. Therefore, the basic knowledge and basic skills of Corten B angle steel need us to grasp.The following points should be noted when buying Corten B angle steel:

1. Chemical composition discrimination method: it is more scientific to distinguish the chemical composition through chemical composition, because the chemical composition of Corten B angle steel is more of general structure rolled steel series, and the main indicators are four inspection standards of C, Mn, P and S. At the same time, its chemical content also varies according to the characteristics of different brands.

2. Difference method: appearance in Corten B angle steel appearance quality industry standards has a clearly defined, especially in the area of layered, scarring, cracks and other provisions is more specific, then there is performed in the standard for geometric deviation also has certain rules, such as bending, width, and thickness, apex Corten B angle steel degree, such as the theory of quality project has strict rules.

3. Contract law: in the purchase and sale of Corten B angle steel, the contract with a relatively large amount shall be signed, indicating steel type, quantity, raw material, time, delivery date and responsibility for breach of law and discipline. In case of material discrepancies, the loss can be recovered by negotiation or legal means.

Katalor is a famous steel supplier ad exporter in China, we can supply Corten B angle steel with high quality. If you have any need in the Corten B angle steel, please contact us at first time. We will reply you as soon as possible. Of course we are willing to cooperate with you in Corten B angle steel.

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