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The high quality Corten A H Beam steel in Katalor

Corten A H Beam steel is according to ASTM standard which with the yield strength of 355MPa and the tensile strength of 470-630MPa. Corten A H Beam steel can be exported about 500 thousand tons in Katalor industry every year. Corten A H Beam steel is produced from billet castings from blast furnace and hot rolled in a continuous mill for smaller thicknesses and on a four high mill for others.

Corten A H Beam steel Chemical composition(%) C≤0.12 Si:0.25-0.75 Mn:0.20-0.50 P:0.07-0.15 S≤0.030 Cr:0.50-1.25 Ni≤0.65 Cu:0.25-0.40 Corten A H Beam steel Welding: Single level butt welding, fillet welding by electric arc welding,and Gas shielded welding. Corten A H Beam steel advantages of light steel structure:  
1. Cost saving and transportation convenient, custom design available  
2. The main beam and column are made of quality steel  
3. Steel structure makes the house resist heavy wind of 140km/h and 8-grade earthquake  
4. Easy assembly and disassembly several times without damage  
5. Widely used in construction site, office building, dormitory etc.

Corten A H Beam steel specification can be offered by Katalor, we are professional Corten A H Beam steel suppliers and manufacturer in China, if you need Corten A H Beam steel price and application, please contact us.

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