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The advantages of B480GNQR H beam steel in Katalor

Hot-rolled B480GNQR H beam steel has excellent mechanical properties and excellent service performance. Hot rolled B480GNQR H beam steel has high strength. Compared with i-beam, it has large section modulus and can save 10-15% of metal at the same time of bearing conditions. So Katalor will introduce the B480GNQR H beam steel advantages to you.

The use of B480GNQR H beam steel can effectively protect the environment in three aspects. First, compared with concrete, dry construction can be adopted, producing less noise and less dust. Secondly, due to the reduction of B480GNQR H beam steel self-weight, less soil is taken from foundation construction and the damage to land resources is small. In addition, a large amount of concrete is reduced to reduce the amount of rock excavated from mountain, which is conducive to the protection of ecological environment. Thirdly, after the construction structure’s service life expires and the B480GNQR H beam steel structure is dismantled, the amount of solid waste is small and the recycling value of scrap steel is high.

It is convenient for machinery manufacturing, intensive production, high precision, easy to install, and easy to guarantee the quality of hot-rolled B480GNQR H beam steel, which can build real houses manufacturing plants, bridges manufacturing plants, industrial plants and so on. Developing B480GNQR H beam steel structures, creating and driving hundreds of new industries.

Please contact us at first time if you need the B480GNQR H beam steel. We can supply B480GNQR H beam steel with high quality and different sizes. We believe our B480GNQR H beam steel can meet your any requirements.

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